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Ronny Romm

Hypnotist & Mentalist (ESP)

Ronny Romm takes audiences on an unforgettable journey into the human mind. He holds the audience spellbound first with his amazing demonstrations of ESP, and then with his hilarious use of hypnosis. He’ll boggle your brain, making you wonder “How on earth does he do that?!?”

Names. Phone numbers. Social Security numbers. Important dates. Scholastic grades. Innermost thoughts only known to members of the audience. Ronny zeroes in on it all with amazing accuracy.

Ronny draws the audience into a side-splitting demonstration of what hypnotism – and the human mind – can do. Imagine watching your friend in a body building competition, speaking Martian, or becoming a prima ballerina or even an army drill sergeant right before your eyes!

If you are looking for audience participation this show is it. Ronny’s shows are packed with audience participation throughout the entire performance. Whether they’re onstage or in the audience, Ronny involves everyone.

When Ronny leaves the stage, he’ll leave the audience crying for more. And he’ll leave you saying this was your most successful event yet! Ronny’s 90% rebooking rate proves that!

Contact Ronny:

Slapdash Comedy

Ray and Erin Grins, the performers behind Slapdash Comedy, have appeared together in England, China, the Caribbean and all over the U.S. They even had an appearance on the David Letterman Show! Ray brings incredible circus skills to the show, all the while displaying real patience as he tries to rein in Erin and her wacky antics. Together they pack in a maximum of madcap madness that is guaranteed to please families, children and adults of all ages.

“Slapdash Comedy is a funny, entertaining family show that is well executed and planned. Enjoyment for audiences of all ages. Ray and Erin’s styles complement each other in a believable and hilarious comedy act. Their act will leave you wondering if they’re performing or if this is the real them!”
Marilyn Di Carlo Ames – Head of Children and Young Adult Services -The Quogue Library

“I have worked as The Entertainment Director at Rocking Horse Ranch for 20 years – one of the funniest shows I have ever seen is Slapdash Comedy! I can’t tell you how many times I have seen their show and each time it gets better. I highly recommend them for any show anywhere, anytime – small or big. You will enjoy it!!!”
Flo Cook – Entertainment Director – The Rocking Horse Ranch Resort

Slapdash Comedy Demo –


“Screamingly Funny!” – Sunday Bulletin

“ A One-Man Phenomenon!” – Austin Statesman

“ A True Master of His Craft” – Cirque du Soleil

BubbleMania! is a fast-paced, hilarious, stage show created by Comic Bubble Artist Casey Carle, and is so popular there are three full-time bubblers to cover the entire northeast U.S., including parts of PA and NJ.  All performers are highly experienced professionals with a flair for showmanship and infectious energy for bubbling – from the intricate to the massive!

BubbleMania! fuses spontaneous comedy with jazz music and a fantastic array of bubbling skills; from mesmerizing fog-filled bubble sculptures to trapping people inside gigantic soap bubbles! A truly one-of-a-kind spectacular that has amazed and amused all ages since 1989. There is nothing else even close to like it!

Mr. Carle is an in-demand international performer and is also bubble consultant to Cirque du Soleil’s “The Beatles LOVE” in Las Vegas. He has been featured on The Discovery & Science Channels and was crowned Bubble Artist Champion! in an international competition in Japan.

“BubbleMania: Science, Art & Comedy!” is available to schools and other venues of learning. “BubbleMania: Comedy…with a Drip!” is polished, skilled, draw-dropping entertainment for family shows. Looking for something more sophisticated and classy for your corporate event? We’ve got that, too, with credits ranging from The Lincoln Center to The Bellagio in Vegas. All performers adapt their humor and presentational style to fit your needs. Indoor venues only. Any bubble mess is totally self-contained – no safety issues, no worries!





Videos can be found here:

Jay Mattioli

Electrifying Magic

At 27 years old, he has already traveled across the globe with his unique blend of magic. Audiences from Las Vegas to New York City and England to Egypt have witnessed Jay’s dynamic magic with sensational revues. Most recently, Jay Stunned the judges and the world with his electrifying performance on NBC’s #1hit show “AMERICA’S GOT TALENT”.

At 18 years old, he was hailed by the International Brotherhood of Magicians as a “Champion of Magic”, becoming one of the youngest magicians to ever receive this honor. Then in 2006, Jay was awarded 1st Prize at the Society of American Magicians International Stage Contest of Magic. Jay is one of only a few magicians in HISTORY to receive 1st prize in both of these international magic competitions. Jay’s unique style obliterates the past concept of what people expect from a magician and is one of the few illusionists in the world who has truly brought magic up to date. The combination of hilarious and jaw-dropping illusions along with adverse blend of Hip-Hop, Urban, and Latin dancing has catapulted Jay into a field where he stands alone. Decored in hip, vivid costumes, a carefully punked hair-do, and a vivacious Assistant on his side, Jay performs magic with everything from live animals to levitating microphones as well as startling effects where Jay removes his head completely off his shoulders!

Guiding a new wave in refreshing entertainment, Jay’s magic has become a sought after act for vacation resorts, variety revues, corporate events, cruise lines and college universities. Organizations such as IBM, Morgan Stanley, Best Software, Inc., Disney Cruise Lines and hundreds more have chosen Jay’s magic to electrify their guests and special events. Packed with excitement, audience interaction, and a one-of-a-kind personality, Jay Mattioli will continue to delight audiences of the new millennium with a show that simply cannot be missed!!

Check out Jay’s demos –

Anthony Salazar

Comedy • Magic • Illusions

Anthony Salazar shows are a carefully blended combination of magic, comedy and audience participation that will keep any audience on the edge of their seats. He will keep you in hysterics as you watch his astounding feats of illusion.

Anthony offers several levels of performances and will customize his shows according to your needs and budgets.

From close-up magic to large stage illusions, Anthony’s talent will leave your audience laughing, applauding, and truly transforming your event into a world of magic.

Demo Video:

Charney & Harry

Magician, Musician, Ventriloquist and all-around nut

If what you want for a Boy Scout dinner, camp, private party, library, meeting of the tri-lateral commission or be-in is a show without any redeeming educational value at all, than Steve and Harry are for you. Steve brings in a trunkful of magic tricks and props and a collection of jokes and routines that would make any stand-up comedian proud. It’s an upbeat, zany, fast paced show that also includes Harry, Steve’s dummy, who steals the show with his verbal mayhem and wacky shenanigans. Because Steve has been doing this act for nigh on thirty years, his timing is impeccable (hey, no one’s going to peck on his timing!) And because he never puts anything in the act that he himself doesn’t think is funny, than you know adults are going to enjoy the humor as much as the kids. It masquerades as a kid’s show but in truth, is entertaining for everyone in the family…even your grouchy aunt.
But here’s more. For years, Steve has performed in schools around the country with his educational assemblies. Promoting Literacy (Steve has published over a dozen books), Eating Healthy (his book “The ABC’s of Fruits and Vegetables…and beyond” helps educate kids about proper nutrition) and his Anti-Bullying program are three assemblies that teach, inspire and entertain students. Still not convinced? Check out these videos!

Charney & Harry demos:

“I laughed so hard, I tipped over.”
-Rachel age 8

“Charney is a scholar of various types of lunacy”
-From a profile in the “New Yorker” magazine

John Pizzi

Comic • Ventriloquist • Magician

One of the hottest rising comics in the entertainment industry has brought his unique brand of comedy to audiences around the country!

Opening acts for entertainers like Jerry Vale, Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge, Joy Behar, Weird Al Yankovic, The Trammps, The Regents, Al Martino, Clint Holmes and many more!

John has headlined at comedy clubs, resorts, colleges, and theaters across the United States. His Programs can be tailored from 15 minutes to an hour of high energy comedy. John Pizzi is a regular at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City and a member of the Friars Club in New York City and Los Angeles.

John’s Television credits include Americas Got Talent, Late Night with David Letterman, Good Morning America, Showtime’s Comedy Club Network, The Daily Show, America’s Funniest People, Rascals Comedy Hour and Night Shift with Kevin Ferguson.

Links to John’s Demos
Family Illusion Show –
Family Show Demo –
America’s Got Talent –
Comedian Magician Ventriloquist promo –

Anna Jack Circus R' Us

Over the last 10 years, Circus R Us has thrilled and entertained children of all ages. From upscale sleep away Camps to public & private School programs. Circus R Us is one of the most exciting Shows in the business. The full Show runs 45 minutes or can be tailored for any specific needs.
The Stars of the Show are Anna, David and their two daughters. The Show features Juggling, Unicycle, Roller Ball Balancing, Contortionist, Hula Hooping, Dog Show, Spinning Plates, Audience Participation and much more.

Anna Jack is a current regular on “Late Night with David Letterman”. She spent four years training at The Moscow Circus School before immigrating to The United States. Considered one of the best hula hoop artists in the world, Anna has performed for The MTV Music Awards, MTV Latin Music Awards, The 2002 Winter Olympics, Anti Gravity Group, The Big Apple Circus, The Moscow Circus, & has been on Broadway in “Circus Diva” & in the musical “Barnum”. Anna has also performed in Baghdad, Iraq, Where she accompanied David Letterman to entertain the American troops.

Circus R Us DEMO

Larry Rundle

Comic Juggler

The Incredible Larry, a comic juggler that has performed coast to coast at festivals, casinos, amusement parks, and theatres since 1992! Larry provides a level of entertainment that guarantees laughter and amazement from everyone. Incredible skills, appropriate comedy, and a handful of volunteers make his shows the highlight of any event!
Larry’s show is awesome! Filled with world-class circus skills and non-stop laughs, this interactive comedy show is guaranteed to leave you with a whole new vision of what a juggler really is!

His unique comedic personality combines a blend of stand-up and physical comedy, as well as a healthy dose of audience participation to guarantee an entertaining event every time. Larry’s no stranger to improvisation, making each performance seem original and fresh.

Larry’s bag of tricks is endless, from the traditional, to the more unique styles of classic vaudeville, done with a modern style. High-energy humor, incredible juggling, and modern and upbeat music make this show a guaranteed hit!

Larry’s Demos:

Ned Gelfars

Comedy Juggler & Unicycling, magic, stilt walking, plate spinning and fire juggling and eating (when appropriate)

Born in that wilderness called Brooklyn, Ned Gelfars began throwing balls into the air at the age of twelve. At 15 he began catching them and has since honed his skills to include unicycling, magic, stilt walking, plate spinning and fire juggling and eating (when appropriate). Ned’s show includes an incredible amount of hilarious, good-natured audience participation and his wit is as sharp as his circus skills, so adults, counselors and teachers laugh as hard as the kids.

Ned’s Demo – Available Shortly

Rusty Johnson

Amazon Explorer • Author • Photographer • Lecturer

Rusty Johnson’s energetic presentations feature some of the world’s most intriguing animals – hawks, owls, vultures, giant snakes and other reptiles. The stories of his exotic adventures are captivating and the enthralled spectators enjoy a wonderfully entertaining education of the natural world and adventure.
Rusty has presented at over 3,000 schools and camps as well as Princeton University, The American Museum of Natural History, The Explorers Club, Rutgers University, Marymount College, Dowling College, EF International Language Schools, The New York Botanical Gardens, The Long Island Museum of Science, Sierra Club, MENSA, and the National Audubon Society. His lecture series at Princeton University has been rated to be the best of their Natural History Seminars.
His television credits include Late Night with David Letterman, Live with Regis and Kathy Lee, The Late Show with Conan O’Brien, and The Today Show. He has also filmed and consulted for National Geographic’s HOOKED series, filmed for the series Cosmic Journeys, and recently hosted a new series pilot for Animal Planet.
He has completed 16 solo expeditions to the Amazon and is married to an Amazonian native.  At the age of 25, he was one of the youngest people ever to be inducted into the world renowned Explorers Club.
“Rusty’s way with animals, including people, is magical,” – Sylvia Earle, National Geographic

Rusty in Action:

The Bronx Express

Duo, trio or five piece

The Bronx Express feature popular songs ranging from standards, 60’S, classic rock, disco, to some of today’s pop and country rock favorites. The band can come in as a duo/ trio or as a five piece.

Click here to access samples of The Bronx Express’ songs

Corporate & Resort Division - Coming Soon

Jack Swersie

Comedian • Juggler

Jack Swersie presents a virtual barrage of non-stop stand-up comedy and precision juggling performed with a consistently upbeat and endearing style. His talents have allowed this clever entertainer to tour the grandest theaters throughout the United States warming up hundreds of audiences for over 100 major stars and earning him the reputation as one of the strongest concert acts in the business. His striking brand of showmanship has taken him to the sophisticated audiences of Las Vegas & Atlantic City and has earned him the opportunity to headline scores of banquets and corporate events. He’s also made half-a-dozen national television appearances including a featured appearance on Fox News “FOX & FRIENDS.”

Jack Swersie in Concert:

Jane L. Powell

“Sassy like Pearl Bailey, sings like 
Aretha Franklin” – Stardust, Las Vegas

Jane L. Powell began her singing career in Roanoke, Virginia and has since demonstrated her soulful style and five-octave plus range to audiences throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. If you were so unlucky as to have missed one of her live shows, you still may have heard Jane singing in a national McDonald’s commercial, or you may have seen and heard her performance in the Dino DeLaurentis film “Marie” or in the 1999 New Line Cinema comedy, “The Bachelor”.

Ms. Powell brings her own style to a song… be it an original composition, a classic R & B or blues tune, a Jazz standard, a contemporary dance number, a raw Reggae groove, or a Gospel anthem. Jane quickly captivates any audience with her musical flexibility, open and playful personality, and often spicy and spontaneous sense of humor. She has performed for demographically diverse audiences at college campuses, on Norwegian Cruise Line ships, at corporate functions, in nightclubs, at resort hotels, and at large outdoor festivals and fairs. Indeed, the 1,300 colleges and universities comprising the National Association for Campus Activities voted Jane Entertainer of the Year (1990), Jazz Artist of the Year (1990, 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995), and winner of the Performing Arts/Music Award (1992, 1993), making her the most awarded performer in the history of the organization! The readers of Campus Activities Today magazine voted Ms. Powell 1993 Best Contemporary Performer and winner of the 1993 Best Performance Award. Jane has also opened for and worked with such acts as Lou Rawls, The Crusaders, Joan Jett, Freddie Jackson, Melba Moore, B.J. Thomas, Koko Taylor, Ernie Watts, Wayne Henderson, Paula Poundstone, and Ray Charles. In reference to her opening for Ray Charles, the Washington Post said, “She stole the night from a legend.”

Jane L. Powell is a natural artist to span the Millennium. She possesses the depth of experience to draw upon the rich traditions of popular music, blend them with her unique vocal abilities and vibrant personality, and create music to uplift any audience. And besides… singing from the heart and a little wit never go out of style!


Marcus Dagan

Marcus Dagan is a world class entertainer who has entertained literally hundreds of thousands of
people. He has worked in several countries and spent 9 years with Norwegian Cruise Lines. For the
past 2 years he has held a residency at Baltimore’s top Italian Restaurant, Della Notte. His
commitment to a lyric and the integrity of a song is what makes him a standout performer. The range
of music he performs is a phenomenon in itself.

He currently has four 1 hour cabaret shows,
“Short Stories..Songs With a Twist”
“A Beautiful Noise, Songs of Neil Diamond”
“Open To Interpretation”.

And a brand new show, “A Minor Event!” (All the songs in this show are in a minor key).
He also has keen sense of humor which is apparent in every show.


Where or When
Sweet Caroline
Tell Me There’s a Heaven